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3D Fog - Tutorial

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I decided to write a tutorial about my recent work '3D Fog', to help anyone who's interested but also to have a useful reminder of the settings I used for this work.

As always the work is created with 3ds Max, Vray and Photoshop.

 Let's start with the 'Under the bridge' image.
First of all the gizmo, in all the images is created with Helpers> Atmospheric Apparatus, I found much easier create it in this way,
anyway custom gizmo can be easily created by letting tick in the object properties of the geometry used as gizmo, only: Renderable and Apply Atmospherics.
Fog settings are pretty similar for all the images, the only difference are the fog distance values, found after some test in each image.
Concrete 'cubes' have 4 different materials, below the settings of two of them.
Below the render setting used for this image, render elements used only to see where was the noise, as Grant Warwick teach! 
Light setup: only HDR sky in Dome light.
Camera use standard setting: focal lenght 40, f/8, SS 200
Skyscraper image has pretty similar setting, as follow the Gizmo, Fog setting and Render setting (only the variations against the previous image).  
 The Calatrava bridge image as follow:
Last image 'From the beach', with also the Vray DisplacementMod of the sand.
Thanks for watching!